Legal Services

Information Security

  • a) Software license and confidentiality agreements.
  • b) Technology transfers contacts.
  • c) Legal advice to Social Networks and Apps.
  • d) Website audits and compliance fulfillment according to the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act (LSSI)
  • e) Regulation of publicity in the Internet.
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Data Protection

  • a) Drafting security documents and privacy policies for public and private companies.
  • b) Drafting and implementation of codes of conduct according to the current Spanish and European legislation on data protection;
  • c) Data protection and security audits; implementing security measures and compliance strategies.
  • d) Developing interim compliance and training programs.
  • e) Legal defense in proceedings before the AEPD (Spain Data Protection Authority) and other regulatory Authorities.
  • f) External LOPD Office.
  • g) External Data Protection Officer.
  • h) Data Protection and Privacy Consultancy
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Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing

  • a) Identification and report on irregular or suspicious financial activities.
  • b) RBA risk based approach analysis.
  • c) Due diligences measures and policy.
  • d) Adoption and implementation of adequate policies and procedures of customer due diligence, reporting, record keeping, internal control, risk assessment, risk management, compliance management and communication in order to forestall and prevent operations related to money laundering or terrorist financing.
  • e) Drafting and adoption of and appropriate manual for the prevention of money laundering
  • f) External expert reports
  • g) Employee training on anti-money laundering.
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Intellectual Property and Trademarksl

  • a) Intellectual property assignment and licensing contracts.
  • b) Public to private technology transfer contracts.
  • c) Technology-based joint venture contracts.
  • d) Distribution and franchising contracts.
  • e) Global trademark registration.
  • f) Trademark opposition proceedings.
  • g) Unfair competition.
  • h) Protection of the right of honor, privacy, self- image and personal reputation in the internet.
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Employee training

  • a) Training sessions as attendance based courses, conferences and working breakfast.
  • b) Tailored made courses for top, senior, and middle management.
  • c) Training programs developments according to the sector.
  • d) Development of management, organizational and communications skills.
  • e) Innovative content to increased motivation and employees awareness regarding the legal compliance
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